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// Language definitions used in userlist.php
$lang_ul = array(
'Users' => 'Users',
'Users found' => 'Users found matching your criteria',
'No users found' => 'No users were found matching your criteria',
'User search head' => 'Search for users by username or by predefined criteria',
'User results all' => 'All currently registered users',
'User results matching' => 'Currently registered users matching your criteria',
'User find legend' => 'Find users',
'Username' => 'Username',
'Search for username' => 'Username to search for',
'Username help' => 'May be left blank. Use wildcard character <strong>*</strong> for partial matches.',
'User group' => 'Show users from group',
'Sort users by' => 'Sort user list by',
'User sort order' => 'User list sort order',
'No of posts' => 'Number of posts',
'Registered' => 'Registration date',
'Ascending' => 'Ascending',
'Descending' => 'Descending',
'All users' => 'All users',
'Perform new search' => 'Perform new user search',
'Table summary' => 'List of users filtered and sorted according to the criteria (if any) you have chosen.',
'Submit user search' => 'Search',
'Title' => 'Title',
'Posts' => 'Posts'
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