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Removed unnecessary values from lang-file in admin_ranks.php, reporte…

…d by coordinator.

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1 parent 6f3ac88 commit f24a4dcb061d976b0c7b3b5db194bd49ff106227 Roman committed Nov 16, 2008
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@@ -13,11 +13,9 @@
'Rank removed' => 'Rank removed.',
'Add rank intro' => 'Enter a rank and the minimum number of posts that a user has to have to acquire the rank. Different ranks cannot have the same value for minimum posts. If a title is set for a user, the title will be displayed instead of any rank. For this to have any effect "<strong>User ranks</strong>" must be enabled in %s.',
'Add rank' => 'Add rank',
-'Add new rank' => 'Add new rank',
'Add rank legend' => 'New rank details',
'Rank title label' => 'Rank title',
'Min posts label' => 'Minimum posts',
-'Existing ranks' => 'Existing ranks',
'Existing ranks legend' => 'Edit or remove existing user ranks',
'No ranks' => 'No ranks in list.',
'Update' => 'Update',

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