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Export org-mode trees to hyde ready html files
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Org-hyde - A port of org-jekyll.

The documentation of org-jekyll is at:

All the documentation of org-jekyll holds good for org-hyde, except for the changes mentioned below.


A few changes from org-jekyll to org-hyde

  • Blog posts are exported to content directory - which is the default directory in hyde’s settings.
  • Url’s allow numbers. Multiple hyphens are replaced with a single hyphen. Hyphens at the end or beginning of the url are stripped off
  • Exports source code blocks as syntax blocks, that can be parsed by Pygments for syntax highlighting.
  • time can be any of
  • Tags to headers get added to yaml front matter under categories. Hyde can use them to generate tags based pages.
  • Changed org-jekyll-export-blog to accept an optional filename. This is useful to publish blog in batch mode.
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