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Add documentation for creating new page and deletion of entry/page.

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Completion (for both) is triggered using *C-c t*. If a new
category is used you will be prompted before adding it.
- 3. Use *C-c p* to Publish or *C-c d* to post as draft.
+ 3. Use *C-c p* to Publish or *C-c d* to post as draft. Use *C-c P*
+ to Publish as page or *C-c D* to save page as draft.
4. You could also publish your exiting org files.
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org2blog-mode*. This provides the key-bindings *C-c p*, *C-c
d* and *C-c t*.
+ 5. To delete an entry or a page -
+ - If you are in the buffer of the entry/page, with #+POST_ID
+ present on the page, use *M-x org2blog-delete-entry* or *M-x
+ org2blog-delete-page*
+ - If you want to delete a particular post (whose post-id is
+ known) from any buffer, use *C-u post-id M-x
+ org2blog-delete-entry*. Similarly, for a page.
* Miscellaneous
1. You may want to look at the [[][Export options]] and [[][HTML export]]
sections of the org-manual.

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