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DOC: Using babel source blocks for sourcecode shortcode export.

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time-stamps are used.
- The headline is used as the title of the post. But, =TITLE= can
be used to use a different title.
+*** Posting source code blocks
+ Babel source blocks or example code is automatically posted in
+ =<pre>= tags. You can ask =org2blog= to use Wordpress's
+ sourcecode shortcode blocks. To use this, you need to set the
+ variable =org2blog/wp-use-sourcecode-shortcode=. Wordpress's
+ sourcecode shortcode blocks can be given various [[][configuration
+ parameters]]. These can be passed to the exported sourcecode
+ shortcode blocks, by passing them to the babel blocks using
+ =:syntaxhl= parameter. You could also modify the default
+ arguments passed to sourcecode shortcode blocks by customizing the
+ =org2blog/wp-sourcecode-default-params= variable.
*** Delete an entry or a page
- If you are in the buffer of the entry/page, with =#+POSTID=
present on the page, use:

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