XML-RPC fault: Could not write ... Invalid file type #105

mengwong opened this Issue Jan 20, 2013 · 3 comments

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I tried to do a M-x org2blog/wp-post-subtree and got:

let: XML-RPC fault `Could not write file wpid-outline.htmlID-FDEDC9CF-EEF0-4E2D-846D-92FA799F82A2 (Invalid file type)'

is an ID being appended by mistake to the filename somewhere?

I tried to identify the relevant code in the org2blog.el source but my lisp isn't good enough.


i've isolated this to documents which have [id:] links. for now i'm preprocessing them and converting to file links, so there is no urgency on this at the moment; we can close this issue. thank you.

emacs 23.4.1
org-mode 7.9.2
org2blog/wp 0.5


This happened to me when I tried to submit a post with a local link, e.g.


Just remove links of this type and everything will work fine.

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