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Displaying section number in posts #106

wenshan-willowit opened this Issue Jan 24, 2013 · 5 comments

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Thanks for this great Emacs plugin, it is very powerful and helpful.

Just wondering if it is possible to display section number in the blogs published by org2blog.
For example:

  • Hello ** World
  • Emacs
  • Is ** Powerful


1 Hello
1.1 World
2 Emacs
3 Is
3.1 Powerful

I can see HTML labels like

yam61 commented Feb 18, 2013

I face the same problem too.
Even with the #+options: toc:t num:t , the section number can only display in the table of contents.

I think that beacuse of the function 'org-export-as-html' org2blog use. When it returns a string insead of exporting a html file, the result are different. The html string dos not have section number in.

I am new to emacs-lisp and do not know to fix it by myself :( Maybe you can add it by hand, just like me :)


Hi aozhouyang, I fixed this problem by adding a custom elisp function, this is a sample blog generated by the modified code

My solution is very naive, you can get it from here:

yam61 commented Feb 19, 2013

It woks.
Maybe there are some people do not like the org-mode generated postamble part in the end of the article.
er ... never mind, I like it :+1:
And, thanks.


@aozhouyang I made it this way by intention because I'd like let everyone know my blogs are written in Emacs :)

You can modify the function I wrote to get rid of the postamble (and the title).


This should be fixed with latest org-mode on org-8-experimental branch.

@punchagan punchagan closed this Sep 14, 2013
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