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I would like to create a few pages in org-mode with links between the pages, then publish to the blog. The links would be transformed too...

For example, in my "" I want a link to "". When published, the About page should have a link to the Bio page. That is not what happens...

Since one may very well want to publish both Wordpress and HTML pages, I wonder if maybe a "blog" linktype is needed, so the exporter knows what type of link to create?

What I've ended up doing is arranging org-mode pages in the same hierarchy as I want reflected in the blog.

Actually, each "page" is represented as a directory, with an "" file in it. So I have ./about/ and ./about/bio/ Then in ./about/ I can have a link, [[file:bio/][Biography]], which still works in org-mode, and exports correctly to wordpress (assuming I also have a PARENT entry in bio/

Probably could do something similiar, with the help of permalinks, to connect between article pages. It would be nicer if perhaps org2blog could detect links to previously posted pages and articles and translate it to a correct page reference, using the postid for that entry... That would be a problem if a page/article is posted to multiple blogs (since it would have multiple postid's).

clange commented Jan 31, 2012

I couldn't make your approach work for sibling pages, e.g. having ./about/ link to [[file:../sibling-page/][Other page]], where "sibling-page" is a page on the top level of my blog. On any such links I'm getting "setq: Wrong type argument: char-or-string-p, nil". (If anyone is interested in some exact snippet of source of an org file for reproducing this, let me know!)

My not quite satisfactory "solution" is to use relative HTTP links like [[http:/sibling-page][Other page]], because only with HTTP links I can be sure that org2blog won't mess with them.

@punchagan punchagan added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 2, 2012

@punchagan punchagan Allow inserting both post or page links.
Should be a partial fix for #30.

punchagan commented May 29, 2014

The function to insert post and page links manually seems a reasonable work around as of now. Closing. Feel free to reopen, if you have better ideas or suggestions.

punchagan closed this May 29, 2014

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