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I hope this is all right, its my first git pull request..
I tested permalink and parent, not all of the other categories really matter for pages.

and others added some commits Aug 11, 2013
@punchagan Use the new export mechanism of Org for org2blog.
We use a custom exporter defined in ox-wp, to improve the robustness
of org2blog publishing.  Lots of clunky code is gone!

    - The LaTeX export is improved.
    - The source code blocks should be handled better.
    - Support for older versions of org is deliberately dropped.  That
      code could be moved into a legacy branch.


  - The image/file upload looks clunky, because we still use the old
    style post-processing.  I'm not sure what's the best way to fix it

Fixes #109.
@punchagan Fix post-subtree commands to use the new exporter. 16af41c
@punchagan Fix exports that use sourcecode shortcode
Use the correct language, and the language map, if one is defined.
@punchagan Adds feature to insert table of contents
Fixes #112
@punchagan Add basic framework for tests along with few simple tests. bda36c3
@punchagan Post full buffer instead of only visible stuff
Fixes #133
@punchagan Add test for #31 8dfa1a1
@punchagan Remove useless whitespace in e8adffe
@punchagan Add test for #125.
No fix needed on experimental branch, since it is based on new org
export framework, and is more robust!
@punchagan Add test for #120. d333289
@punchagan Don't restart org-mode
Org-mode was being restarted everytime a post is being parsed, to
update any changed options in the post (see: 50a5f5f).  This is no
longer required with the new org-mode.

Closes #135.
@punchagan Change version to 0.8
Issue #101
@punchagan Reorganize issues/tests in db556b1
@punchagan More reorganization of e658075
@punchagan Change ox-wp to be org 8.1 compatible.
Also increment our version number.
@punchagan Add one more simple test. 05f2959
@punchagan Add methods to post subtree as page. 9afe2ef
@punchagan Fix typo.
Trust me, I wasn't drunk!
@tntdynamight tntdynamight changed post-subtree-as-page poperty method 40a5ed7
@punchagan punchagan closed this May 26, 2014
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