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Personal CRM - smartly engage more in meaningful relationships
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GuanxiLab is the easy, open source way for everyone to smartly engage more in meaningful relationships.


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Getting Started

git clone

Run your project

This is intended for *nix users. If you use Windows, go to Run on Windows. Let's first prepare the environment.

cd guanxilab

nvm use 10.15.0
npm install

# prepare environment variable
cp ./.env.tmpl ./.env

Note: please provide your MongoDB URI like MONGODB_URI=mongodb://localhost:27017/gruanxilab in ./.env file.

Development mode

To run your project in development mode, run:

npm run watch

The development site will be available at http://localhost:4103.

Production Mode

It's sometimes useful to run a project in production mode, for example, to check bundle size or to debug a production-only issue. To run your project in production mode locally, run:

npm run build-production
NODE_ENV=production npm run start

NPM scripts

  • npm run test: test the whole project and generate a test coverage
  • npm run ava ./path/to/test-file.js: run a specific test file
  • npm run build: build source code from src to dist
  • npm run lint: run the linter
  • npm run kill: kill the node server occupying the port 4103.
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