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System Design and Architecture

Grow your design skills with best practices 🚀 and a diverse community 👫

Languages English 中文版
Communities Telegram: 1.8k members 多个微信群 (ID: onetptp) 电报群
Websites (English) 硅谷io (中文)
Mobile Apps
iOS / Android / APK

iOS / Android / APK

English Version

System Design in Practice

Product Question
Designing Instagram or Pinterest
Designing Uber
How Facebook Scale its Social Graph Store? TAO
How Netflix Serves Viewing Data?
How to design robust and predictable APIs with idempotency?
How to stream video over HTTP for mobile devices? HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
Designing a distributed logging system
Designing a URL shortener
Designing a KV store with external storage
Designing a distributed in-memory KV store or Memcached
Designing Facebook photo storage
Designing Stock Exchange
Designing Smart Notification of Stock Price Changes
Designing Square Cash or PayPal Money Transfer System
Designing payment webhook
Designing a metric system
Designing a recommendation system
Designing Airbnb or a hotel booking system
Lyft's Marketing Automation Platform -- Symphony
Designing typeahead search or autocomplete
Designing a Load Balancer or Dropbox Bandaid
Fraud Detection with Semi-supervised Learning
Designing Online Judge or Leetcode


  • Designing instagram or newsfeed APIs
  • Designing Yelp / Finding nearest K POIs
  • Designing trending topics / top K exceptions in the system
  • Designing distributed web crawler
  • Designing i18n service
  • Designing ads bidding system
  • Designing a dropbox or a file-sharing system
  • Designing a calendar system
  • Designing an instant chat system / Facebook Messenger / WeChat
  • Designing a ticketing system or Ticketmaster
  • Designing a voice assistant or Siri


系统设计与构架 - 中文版



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