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MBDyn - Friction in joints

Friction is important in developing real world physical modules and simulations.
MBDyn is a multibody dynamics software with which you can create a module with initial conditions and its behaviour in certain physical conditions.
I will be working on improving existing friction model and implementing it in joints of the mechanical systems of 2 and 3 dimensions, this will include addition of frictional force in the right direction and hence changes in motion and trajectory are expected.
This contribution will help MBDyn cover more varieties of physics problems and a better/ more accurate solution to the same. The challenges that I will face will be ranging from understanding the pre-existing code to actually coding in C++ and understanding the principles and mathematics behind the equations.
I intend to tackle the difficulties by getting the basics right and keep myself motivated to go deeper to understand the practices of coding.
This will be done as a part of GSOC project by 5th september under the guidance of Mentors Prof Marco Morandini and Louis Gagnon.