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SocietyFocus -- Open Society Management Application.

Society Focus is a Resident Welfare application wherein Members of the society and residents are interconnected. Resident get there issues/problems solved in a single touch. The best in class application for all the society needs varying from security issues to complete user directory. Features provided by SocietyFocus are

  • All Residents Directory.
  • Complaint Booking.
  • Complaint Tracking for individuals.
  • Service bookings for ex: Electirican, Plumber, Gardner services provided by society heads for free.
  • Service bookings by external vendors
  • Nearby Store locator.
  • Emergengy numbers for Society.
  • Online payment reminders to residents.
  • Online Collection of society payments.
  • Society Forum to discuss the society related issues.
  • Legal advice from third party vendor.
  • Vehicle Management System.
  • Gated Societies can track of any cars entering or exiting the society.

Getting Started

Using Society Focus is easy and simple for any society admins. Just drop a mail to to get your society registered.


We are accepting donation for running and providing services.

Project managed by Team Society Focus. 
Puneet Behl  -- --