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sample apps

Instruction to setup the development environment

  1. install npm

  2. Git clone 3 repos :,, into a directory

  3. Run the following commands:

     cd cordova-plugman
     npm install
     sudo npm link
     cd ..
     cd cordova-lib
     npm install
     sudo npm link
     cd ..
     cd cordova-cli
     npm install
     sudo npm link
     npm link ../cordova-lib/cordova-lib cordova-lib
     npm link ../cordova-plugman/ plugman

commands used to develop a sugar app using cordova

creating a project

cordova create "project directory" "project id" "project name"

this creates a cordova project in current dir"project directory" as you specify above. The project id and name of the project - that is the name of the sugar activity is set using the project name variable.

Add ths sugar platform to your project

cordova platform add sugar

After this, develop your sugar activity by modifying the project dir\www folder - place where the web app lies. Once the modification is through, build the project by following commands.

building the project

Normal build with no extra toolbox buttons

When you dont want to add any extra tool button then use the default option and issue the following command :

cordova build sugar

Adding extra toolbutton

If you have added extra toolbutton then compile your app using the following command :

cordova build sugar -- noiframe

Once you are succesfully build the project, you would find the .xo kept in project dir\platforms\sugar\cordova directory which you can copy and paste into sugar-build folder and run the command sugar-install-bundle "project name".xo