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#Cordova Container for Sugar

Instruction to setup the development environment

  1. install npm

  2. Git clone 3 repos :,, into a directory

  3. Run the following commands:

     cd cordova-plugman
     npm install
     sudo npm link
     cd ..
     cd cordova-lib
     npm install
     sudo npm link
     cd ..
     cd cordova-cli
     npm install
     sudo npm link
     npm link ../cordova-lib/cordova-lib cordova-lib
     npm link ../cordova-plugman/ plugman

commands used to develop a sugar app using cordova

creating a project

cordova create "project directory" "project id" "project name"

Add the sugar platform to your project

cordova platform add sugar

Building the project

Normal build with no extra toolbox buttons

cordova build sugar

Adding extra toolbutton

If you have added extra toolbutton then compile your app using the following command :

cordova build sugar -- noiframe

Adding Plugins to your project

To add plugins to your project - copy the plugin you wish to add from the plugin folder of this repository, and paste in your project directory's plugin folder, follow the plugin documentation at the apache cordova's website or you can see the sample applications for sugar using that plugin in the sample apps directory of the plugin folder of this repo.

Installing the xo in sugar

To install your xo in sugar environment :

  1. Find the .xo file in cordova project directory/platform/sugar/cordova folder

  2. Copy the file from the location and paste in sugar build

  3. Go to the sugar shell and issue the command - sugar-install-bundle .xo

  4. You are through ! Run the sugar shell and open the activity ! - If you havent changed the icon, it shows cordova icon by default as activity icon.

Please make changes on sugar side to enable successful run of cordova plugins. This will cater to the backend of the API calls which are generated from the web app. Please look into -