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import sys
import logging
import device as cordova_Device
import accelerometer as cordova_Accelerometer
import camera as cordova_Camera
import network as cordova_Network
import dialog as cordova_Dialog
import globalization as cordova_Globalization
def call_cordova(plugin_name, function_name, args, parent,
plugin_filecode = getattr(sys.modules[__name__],
"cordova_" + plugin_name)
# the class name for the plugin must be same as the plugin name
plugin_class = getattr(plugin_filecode, plugin_name)()
# The service method same as that described for the given class
service_method = getattr(plugin_class, function_name)
# give the parameters in args
result = service_method(args, parent, request)
return result
parent._client.send_error(request, "The native func doesn't exist")