Hybrid Mobile Application for iOS and Android to connect vendors with users. | An extension to web application Yojakhas Web
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Yojakhas Hybrid Mobile Application

Reason for building this application:

Proper event planning is a key to the success of any event. Time is a constraint, however exploring market is laborious. We have event planners who can take the contract of biggest events to small birthday parties. Though event planning companies have already come up with a solution for the problem identified, most of us find them exorbitant. People either end up paying high or not being able set it up like how wanted it to be. Also freelancers and start-ups usually lack opportunities as big companies take up all business.

Scope: Managing your event budget effectively will help you stay organized, making sure you don’t spend more money than you have. It likely goes without saying that there are a ton of expenses that you’ll rack up throughout your event planning and execution processes. We’re planning to come up with a set of tools, technologies, and resources to work more efficiently while getting the freedom of customizing the plan.

Idea: Idea was to build a dynamic web system which can help customers meet right vendors. A system where all the vendors and customers can interact with each other, decide on budget and execute it together. Target Audience: Someone who has been searching for technology shortcuts to perform planning and managing events on their own and lessen the expenses.

Freelancers and start-ups which are looking for business and market their products. Yojakhas targets audience would be all the customers and the vendors. Customers who would like to host an event and are in need of Event Location, Flouriest, Caterers, Photographers and all the other resource providers.

Technologies to be used:


  1. AngularJS 1.5.5
  2. Ionic 1.3.1 Mobile Application Framework (Cordova)


  1. jQuery
  2. Google MDI Database
  3. Firebase (Angular Fire API): - Online Data store.

Server Side

  1. Node.js
  2. HTTP service

Front End

  1. Google Materialistic Design (Front End)
  2. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Authentication Stormpath

Mobile SDK Ionic 1.3.1 (Google PlayStore/ Apple Store)