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COMSAT Examples

This project includes some examples that makes use of an embedded Jetty servers and several others that are packaged into WAR files and can be deployed to servlet containers.

Running the Jetty examples

In the shell:

gradle :comsat-examples-embeddedjetty:run

A Jetty web actors example can be run with:

gradle :comsat-examples-jetty-webactor:run

A Dropwizard example can be run with:

gradle :comsat-examples-dropwizard:runSimple

Non-web examples

gradle :comsat-examples-db:runSimple
gradle :comsat-examples-retrofit:runSimple

Running the WAR examples

For convenience, we've included a tiny program (embedded-tomcat) that runs a Tomcat server, creates a database, and compiles and deploys all WAR examples.

In the shell, type:

gradle :embedded-tomcat:run

Then, in a web browser, access any of the following links:

Hot Code Swapping

  1. Open an new shell and build the upgrade module:
gradle :comsat-examples-webactors-codeswap:jar
  1. Run and access http://localhost:8080/comsat-examples-webactors/webactor as explained above.

  2. Copy the upgrade module jar file into the modules/ directory:

cp comsat-examples-webactors-codeswap/build/libs/comsat-examples-webactors-codeswap.jar modules

You will now see the new actor behave differently in the test web page.

Running Spaceships

Stop the server if running and uncomment the following line in embedded-tomcat/build.gradle:

from project(":comsat-examples-spaceships").war

Restart the server with:

gradle :embedded-tomcat:run

Then, open http://localhost:8080/comsat-examples-spaceships/login in your browser.


These examples are released under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Parallel Universe


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