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@circlespainter circlespainter released this
· 419 commits to master since this release

New integration modules:

  • comsat-spring-webmvcSpring Framework Web MVC fiber-blocking controller methods integration.
  • comsat-spring-bootSpring Boot auto-configuration support for Web MVC controllers.
  • comsat-spring-securitySpring Security configuration support for fibers.
  • comsat-ring-jetty9 – Clojure Ring fiber-blocking adapter based on Jetty 9.

Breaking changes:

  • comsat-servlet is now fully aligned to the standard Servlet API and allows using @WebServlet annotations. To port code to the new version, remove throws SuspendExecution from fiber-blocking servlets and replace it with a @Suspendable annotation. Method bodies that throw SuspendExecution will compile after wrapping them with:
try {
   // ... method body
} catch(SuspendExecution e) {
   throw new AssertionError(); // shouldn't happen


  • comsat-loader-tomcat and comsat-loader-tomcat-jdk8 now work in standalone server mode too (verified with Tomcat 7.0.56 and 8.0.15).
  • comsat-servlet now dispatches exceptions back to a servlet container's thread where they are re-thrown, so they can be handled correctly and reach the client.
  • Several dependencies upgraded.