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@circlespainter circlespainter released this 01 Jul 15:38
· 296 commits to master since this release

New integration modules:

  • comsat-okhttpOkHttp 2.4 HTTP/SPDY client integration.
  • comsat-httpkitHTTP Kit client integration (the http-kit client API is a subset of clj-http); thanks to Nir Rubinstein for his preliminary investigation and work on this one

Breaking changes:

  • The FiberDBI(IDBI jdbi, ExecutorService es) constructor has been removed because JDBI is now a fully transparent integration on top of JDBC's and doesn't need an executor on its own: executors passed to other constructors will be used for the underlying JDBC integration


  • comsat-dropwizard upgraded to the recently released Dropwizard 0.8.1.
  • comsat-spring-boot and the new comsat-spring-boot-security module introduce convenient configuration annotations, resp.FiberSpringBootApplication and FiberSecureSpringBootApplication.
  • comsat-spring upgraded to Spring Boot 1.2.4, Spring Framework 4.1.6 and Spring Security 4.0.1 (and more tests ported).
  • comsat-jooq has been improved and updated to jOOQ 3.6.2
  • comsat-jdbi has been improved and updated to JDBI 2.62
  • comsat-jdbc is now completely wrapped and fiber-blocking (see #27 below)
  • comsat-actors-servlet now includes an HTTP/SSE/WebSocket test with Undertow as well
  • Quasar and several other dependencies upgraded

Closed issues:

  • #26
  • #27
  • #28
  • #29
  • Fixed an issue in comsat-spring that prevented controlled methods annotated to be suspendable, but not actually instrumented, from being still executed inside fibers.