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(ns co.paralleluniverse.pulsar.examples.primitive-ring-benchmark
"An implementation of the ring benchmark using fibers and primitive (int) channels"
(:use co.paralleluniverse.pulsar.core)
(:refer-clojure :exclude [promise await]))
(defn spawn-relay [prev n]
(if (== n 0)
(let [channel (int-channel 10)
fiber (spawn-fiber #(loop []
(let [m (rcv-int channel)]
;(println n ": " m)
(snd-int prev (inc m))
(recur channel (dec n)))))
(defn -main [M1 N1]
(let [M (int (Integer/parseInt M1))
N (int (Integer/parseInt N1))]
(println "M: " M " N: " N)
(dotimes [i 1000]
(let [num-messages
(let [manager-channel (int-channel 10)
last-channel (spawn-relay manager-channel (dec N))
manager (spawn-fiber
#(do (snd-int last-channel 1) ; start things off
(loop [j (int 1)]
(let [m (rcv-int manager-channel)]
(if (< j M)
;(println "m: " m)
(snd-int last-channel (inc m))
(recur (inc j)))
(join manager)))]
(println i ": Messages " num-messages)))))