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" DistrationFree.vim -- Toggle distraction free writing mode
" Author: Lakshan Perera (lakshan AT web2media net)
" URL:
" Usage:
" Copy this file to .vim/plugin.
" In .vimrc, specify the colorschemes and fonts to use
" in fullscreen mode and normal mode.
" g:fullscreen_colorscheme - colorscheme to use in fullscreen mode
" g:fullscreen_font font to use in fullscreen mode
" g:normal_colorscheme - colorscheme to use in normal mode
" g:normal_font - font to use in normal mode
" eg: let g:fullscreen_colorscheme = "iawriter"
" By default, toggling of full screen mode is bound to F4 key.
" You can change it in .vimrc as follows:
" :map <F4> :call ToggleDistractionFreeWriting()<CR>
function! DistractionFreeWriting()
exec "colorscheme ".g:fullscreen_colorscheme
" added escape function to allow for multiword font names
" (AmaruCoder)
exec "set gfn=".escape(g:fullscreen_font,' ')
set background=light
set lines=40 columns=100 " size of the editable area
set linespace=5 " spacing between lines
set fuoptions=background:#00f5f6f6 " bakground color
set guioptions-=r " remove righ scrollbar
set laststatus=0 " don't show status line
set noruler " don't show ruler
set fullscreen " go to fullscreen editing mode
set linebreak " break the lines on words
function! ToggleDistractionFreeWriting()
if &fullscreen
exec "set background=".s:prev_background
exec "set lines=".s:prev_lines
exec "set columns=".s:prev_columns
exec "set linespace=".s:prev_linespace
exec "set fuoptions=".s:prev_fuoptions
exec "set laststatus=".s:prev_laststatus
exec "set guioptions+=r"
set noruler!
set fullscreen!
set linebreak!
exec "colorscheme ".g:normal_colorscheme
" added escape function to allow for multiword font names
" (AmaruCoder)
exec "set gfn=".escape(g:normal_font,' ')
let s:prev_background = &background
let s:prev_gfn = &gfn
let s:prev_lines = &lines
let s:prev_columns = &columns
let s:prev_linespace = &linespace
let s:prev_fuoptions = &fuoptions
let s:prev_laststatus = &laststatus
let s:prev_font = &gfn
call DistractionFreeWriting()
if !exists('g:fullscreen_colorscheme')
let g:fullscreen_colorscheme = "iawriter"
if !exists('g:fullscreen_font')
let g:fullscreen_font = "Cousine:h14"
if !exists('g:normal_colorscheme')
let g:normal_colorscheme = "codeschool"
if !exists('g:normal_font')
let g:normal_font="Inconsolata:h14"
:map <F4> :call ToggleDistractionFreeWriting()<CR>
" turn-on distraction free writing mode by default for markdown files
" au BufNewFile,BufRead *.{md,mdown,mkd,mkdn,markdown,mdwn} call DistractionFreeWriting()
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