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Simulate some attack/defend rolls with various parameters for X-Wing Miniatures game
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xwing_math is a tool for calculating dice probabilities and outcomes for X-Wing Miniatures by Fantasy Flight Games. The goal of the tool is to aid players in list building, target selection and token spending by helping to develop intuition about the probabilities of various outcomes.

The tool embeds a custom web server that serves as the user interface. A live version of the tool can be viewed at


xwing_math is written in the D Programming Language and uses the vibe.d library to host the web interface. It currently supports Windows and Linux (Ubuntu and likely others).

Install the D compiler and DUB on your platform of choice and build/run the application by invoking dub from the command line in the root directory.

Additional Setup on Linux

On Linux you may also need to install the dependencies for vibe.d. See the Linux section on this page for more information.

In the default config, the application will attempt to listen on port 80 (HTTP) which several Linux distributions do not allow for non-priviledged accounts. Other than running with an elevated account or changing the default port, on recent versions of Linux it is possible to allow an executable to bind to these priviledged ports via the following command (after building):

sudo setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' /[path]/xwing_math
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