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-# stagecoach: deploy and host multiple Node apps on your Linux servers
+# stagecoach: host multiple Node apps on your Linux servers
Stagecoach is a framework for deploying node.js web applications and testing them on a staging server, then deploying them to production servers. It includes a complete mechanism for running many such node applications on a single staging or production server, restarting them gracefully on reboot, and accessing them at nice URLs without port numbers.
@@ -112,7 +112,11 @@ When your configuration is complete, cd to the `sc-proxy` folder and run:
The `sc-proxy` folder also contains an `upstart` script that can start and stop the proxy and the associated apps on an Ubuntu system. By copying this script to `/etc/init` on your Ubuntu system you can arrange for your proxy and web apps to be running at all times. You can also `start stagecoach` and `stop stagecoach` at any time (as root).
-## Installing Node and MongoDB on Ubuntu: install-node-and-mongo-on-ubuntu.bash
+## Installing Node and MongoDB on Ubuntu
+You don't have to use Ubuntu. But if you do, you might find this shell script handy:
+ sc-proxy/install-node-and-mongo-on-ubuntu.bash
This shell script is provided in the `sc-proxy` folder. It does what it says: it installs Node and MongoDB correctly on Ubuntu, using the recommended repositories for the latest stable releases, not the older stuff in Ubuntu's official repositories. It also configures MongoDB to run safely, accepting connections only on localhost. You can change that if you like, just please consider the security implications. MongoDB's default configuration has no security of any kind, so our changes make sense.

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