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Make sure mongodb is configured to respawn, but not too fast

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commit 8aa0bac6a03ab40459819a453df4bf70b7630f5d 1 parent 84fb181
@boutell boutell authored
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  1. +15 −1 sc-proxy/install-node-and-mongo-on-ubuntu.bash
16 sc-proxy/install-node-and-mongo-on-ubuntu.bash
@@ -33,10 +33,24 @@ apt-get -y install mongodb-10gen &&
echo "Installed MongoDB" &&
echo "Configuring MongoDB to listen only on localhost" &&
echo "bind_ip =" >> /etc/mongodb.conf &&
# The default configuration for MongoDB assumes taking up 6GB off the bat for every single
# database is cool and also inhales tons of space for journal files. This is overkill for
# most deployments, so we instruct MongoDB to use smaller files
echo "smallfiles = true" >> /etc/mongodb.conf &&
-/usr/sbin/service mongodb restart &&
+cat <<EOM >> /etc/init/mongodb.conf &&
+# Make sure we respawn if the physical server
+# momentarily lies about disk space, but also
+# make sure we don't respawn too fast
+post-stop script
+ sleep 5
+end script
+start mongodb &&
npm install -g forever &&
echo "Success!"
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