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A Leiningen template for projects using Luminus.

The template initializes a base Luminus application.


Luminus requires Leiningen version 2.x


The Luminus template ships out of the box with your latest Leiningen. Run the following command to create a new Luminus project which uses the default profile template:

lein new luminus <your project name>

However, if you would like to attach further functionality to your template you can append profile hints for these extended features:

alternative servers

  • +aleph adds the Aleph server
  • +http-kit adds the fast HTTP Kit web server to the project
  • +jetty adds the jetty web server to the project



To add a profile simply pass it as an argument after your application name, e.g.:

lein new luminus myapp +cljs

You can also mix multiple profiles when creating the application, e.g.:

lein new luminus myapp +auth +postgres

To build as a executable Java ARchive (JAR) standalone, run the following command:

lein ring uberjar

To run the resulting standalone executable .jar file, do as you would with any other:

user$ java -jar target/myapp.jar
15-Sep-14 16:06:21 APc47d.4f39.65e6.uhn.ca INFO [myapp.handler] -
-=[myapp started successfully]=-
16:06:21.685 INFO  [org.projectodd.wunderboss.web.Web] (main) Registered web context /
15-Sep-14 16:06:21 APc47d.4f39.65e6.uhn.ca INFO [myapp.core] - server started on port: 3002

To build a WAR (or Web application ARchive) file run:

lein ring uberwar

You can then easily deploy the resulting WAR to Tomcat or any other Java application server.

Performance Testing

The app can be stress tested by running the Apache benchmark command:

ab -c 10 -n 1000

The memory and CPU usage can be inspected by running either jconsole or jvisualvm and attaching them to a running Luminus server.


Copyright © 2015 Dmitri Sotnikov

Distributed under the MIT License.