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Open Science Course

things I would have liked to learn 20 years ago, knowing what I know now

The call for practicing open science is resonating all over the world. Citizens groups, civil society agencies, scientific societies, activists, government organizations and funding agencies, all want scientists and their science to be open. Increasingly, there are innovative and helpful resources available for every step of the scientific information lifecycle. But one thing is conspicuous by its absence – training. We want our scientists to practice open science, but there is really no place they can learn how to do that systematically. This course aims to fill that gap.


Course Outline

Please note, the Course Outline is not in the final sequence of instruction yet. Also, while all modules are important, one can pick and choose from the modules for a shorter course.

Course Strategy

The course is designed as a series of modules of topics relevant to an open research lifecycle. Each module would take two “contact hours” per week.1 In the first contact, there would be a 20 mins long presentation to introduce the topic followed by 40 mins of a hands-on exercise. The course participants would be expected to continue working on the exercise on their own. In the second contact hour, the script would be flipped, with a 40 mins hands-on session where the participants present and discuss their work, followed by a 20 mins concluding presentation.


Contributions are welcome. However, please note that since everything made specifically for this project is being released under a CC0 Public Domain Dedication, your contributions have to be so as well. If you are ok with waiving all your rights in your work, feel free to send me a pull request.


StilettoFiend for OSTI material
gfranzini for course outline edits


Unless otherwise noted, all material is released into the public domain under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.

OSTI material is copyrighted by Sophie Kay née Kershaw, StilettoFiend, released under a CC BY 4.0 License. All changes to OSTI material are released under a CC0 Public Domain Dedication.


1. A “contact hour” could be an hour long or could also be an hour and a half long, with the presentation-exercise split adjusted accordingly.


things I would have liked to learn 20 years ago, knowing what I know now







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