A development board for the ATtiny 45 and 85 µC.
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ATtiny 45 and 85 Development Board

Copyright 2011 Design Tech Industries (DTI)

DTI email: jameskun89@rocketmail.com

The ATtiny 45 and 85 Development Board is a development board for the ATtiny 45 and 85 microcontroller.


  • All µC pins broken out
  • Power LED
  • Reset switch
  • ISP headers
  • Open Source; OSHW compliant
  • Design files freely available

In this repository you will find the gerber files for BatchPCB (http://batchpcb.com) and DorkbotPDX (http://dorkbotpdx.org/wiki/pcb_order), along with project (.pro), board (.brd) and schematic (.sch) files for the board in the 'EAGLE and 'KiCad' folders.

You can also find this design on BatchPCB ready to add to your cart: http://batchpcb.com/index.php/Products/73630

This board will be under continual change and versions may not work the way they are supposed to. You have been warned


EAGLE The design is saved as an EAGLE project. EAGLE PCB design software is available from www.cadsoftusa.com free for non-commercial use and can be installed on Windows and Mac, with Linux support through WINE. To use this project download it and place the directory containing these files into the "eagle" directory on your computer. Then open EAGLE and navigate to Projects -> eagle -> ATtiny_45_and_85_development_board.

KiCad KiCad EDA Suite is an Open Source alternative to EAGLE. It is available on Windows and Linux and can be installed on Mac. It is available from http://kicad.sourceforge.net and works in a similar way to EAGLE. You will find project files for KiCad in the aptly named folder in this repository. To use this project download it and place the directory containing these files into a folder of your choice. Then open KiCad and navigate to File -> Open -> 'FOLDER_OF_YOUR_CHOICE' -> ATtiny_45_and_85_development_board.pro



The specific terms of distribution of this project are governed by the license referenced below.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

To view a copy of this license, visit:


or send a letter to

Creative Commons
171 Second Street, Suite 300
San Francisco
California, 94105

The "license" folder within this repository also contains copies of the license(s) referenced above.