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This script help developer to anonymise their commit. Use this script before push your commit on a server.


*Modify author / committer information *Modify timestamp information *Modify timezone information


gitnymous refA..refB [-a|--author] [-c|--committer] [-t|--time [-+][0-9][YMDhms]]
          [-z|zone [-+]\<offset\>] [-e|--email \<new email\>[:\<old email\>]] 
          [-n|--name \<new name\>[:\<old name\>]] 
  • [-a|--author]: Apply change on author only.
  • [-c|--committer]: Apply change on committer only.
  • [-t|--time]: Time to add or substract at the commit timestamp.
    ex: add 14 hour: +14h
    remove 15 minute: -15m
  • [-z|--zone]: Timezone offest to use.
    ex: +0300
  • [-e|--email]: Email to use as author/committer email.
    If another mail is given separate by ':', replace the email only if the author/committer email is equal to the second mail.
  • [-n|--name]: Name to use as author/committer name.
    If another name is given separate by ':', replace the name only if the author/committer name is equal to the second name.

How to use

In a git repository, specifiy a range of commit to modify the history.

gitnymous 56a50c3..master -t -2h

Remove 2 hour in the timestamp of the commit range 56a50c3 -> master.

gitnymous 56a50c3..master -t +3h -t +24m -t -30s

Add 3 hour, 24 minutes and remove 30 second.

gitnymous 56a50c3..master -z -0300

Apply the timezone -0300.

gitnymous 56a50c3..master -u bob -e

Change author / committer username and mail.

gitnymous 56a50c3..master -c -u alice:bob -e "":""

Change committer username (bob) and email ( by the new username (alice) and email (

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