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<dt>Can I suggest someone to interview?</dt>
<dd><em>Yes please!</em></dd>
+ <dt>How can I contribute my own profile?</dt>
+ <dd>Please read <a href="">contribute.txt</a></dd>
<dt>What's the background to all of this?</dt>
<dd>It relates to the work I do. I'm interested in how Hackers learn and their choice of tooling. Universities have been sites for hacking since the 1950s. I'd like to understand that relationship better. Read more <a href="" title="Hacking the University">over here</a>.</dd>
@@ -26,5 +29,5 @@
<dd>I'm looking for them. Maybe you can help me?</dd>
<dt>How can I get in touch?</dt>
- <dd>Send an email to <a href="">Joss</a>.</dd>
+ <dd>Send an email to <a href="">Joss</a> or a pull request on Github.</dd>

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