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Imagine you want to search for that sushi restaurant someone recommended you last month but you don't remember its name: you type "sushi restaurant" in your laptop and you get an old tweet from a friend about Tokyo Sushi. You also get a comment you wrote on Facebook, an SMS message you sent your brother and a bookmark in your browser, all about the same restaurant. And imagine that you can do this with your smart phone, your laptop, tablet or smart TV. Something so basic yet so far from the reality...
This is Moogle - My Own Google, the search engine for private data.

The project has 2 main components:

  • moogle: a website which provides the main user interface.
  • magpie: the core engine which crawls and index private data from service providers.

Follow the steps written in the files in magpie and moogle folder in order to create a local development copy.

NOTE: The project is still in its early stages.


Register your own app at the providers websites and get an API client id and a secret.