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  • Mac OS X or Linux.
    Promptastic is mainly developed for Mac OS X but it works smoothly under Linux too.

  • Python 3+.

  • A terminal emulator with support for ANSI colors.
    Most terminal emulators works out of the box, in particular:

    • Terminal, the default terminal emulator in Mac OS X;
    • iTerm2, the app for Mac OS X;
    • GNOME Terminal, the default terminal emulator in Ubuntu.

    For others, like Konsole the default terminal emulator for KDE, the right TERM type might be required in order to activate colors. If this is the case, check the TERM type with echo $TERM and if the output differs from xterm-256color, then add the following line to ~/.bashrc:

      export TERM='xterm-256color'
  • Optional - Patched fonts for better-looking glyphs.
    Install patched powerline-fonts and set the terminal to use them. My favorite is Sauce Code Powerline Light .


  1. Clone this repository:

     git clone
  2. Run:

  3. Optional - Edit the file, in particular:

    • set PATCHED_FONTS to False if you are not using patched fonts;
    • set THEME to your favorite theme or create a new one copying one of the existent themes;
    • enable/disable segments.
  4. Logout and login again in the shell to see the new prompt!