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Ben's Sandbox Site

This is the repository for my sandbox site that contains various demos and examples that don't really fit any main projects I'm working on. Most of it is a scratch pad that might roll into a project or be parts I need to test out more. Generally, my blog BenKnowsCode will reference this site.

I wanted to try out Jekyll to create a site on GitHub, so this serves as a test bed for that experience as well

Why is the source here?

Good question.

Answer: I wanted tags to work on pages like they do on posts. That required some custom Jekyll plugins to add that functionality. GitHub disables the plugins on the Pages site so you can't use the automatic render to generate your site. Instead, I setup this repo to hold the source and push the generated content to my Pages repo. See the _plugins directory to see the changes I made. You can also read about the experience on my blog.