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SCons Chicken

SCons Chicken is an add-on for SCons (, a building system (much like make and autotools, all in one), that adds support for Chicken (, a Scheme-to-C compiler.


To compile and install this extension you'll need:

- SCons, because that is the build tool used. More on
- Chicken, because thes extension includes a helper program. More on

Find out the prefix of your SCons installation. Search for paths like /usr/lib/scons/SCons/Tool/, /usr/local/lib/scons/SCons/Tool/ or something similar. On those cases, the prefixes for SCons are /usr and /usr/local/ respectively. Decide the prefix used for chicken-include-list, a program that is needed by this extension and that is going to be installed. Once you collected those two pieces of information, run 'scons' passing them as the parameters SCONSPREFIX and PREFIX, like::

 scons SCONSPREFIX=/usr PREFIX=/usr/local

For more information::

 scons --help

Always on the root directory of SCons Chicken.


SCons Chicken tries to be as SConish as possible. To learn how to use SCons Chicken, check out the examples directories:

- sc-sap: SCons Chicken stand-alone-program (doesn't depend on any library).
- sc-ofl: SCons Chicken one-file-library.
- sc-mfl: SCons Chicken multiple-file-library (depends on sc-ofl).
- sc-ofp: SCons Chicken one-file-program.
- sc-mfp: SCons Chicken multiple-file-program (depends on sc-tfl).
- sc-lap: SCons Chicken library-and-file (it is a mix of ofl and ofp).

This builders helps creating the .setup file needed to be installed along extensions.
The first parameter can be the name of the .setup or can be omited (like in any other sane builder). The second parameter (or first if the real first is omited) is a list of the files to be referenced (on files) on the .setup. That list can contain strings or File objects.
Optionally, a parameter named meta can be passed with a dictionary of the rest of the metainformation. Any value can be a string, or list, or number. If it is None, nothing will be output (thus "syntax" : None, will result in (syntax)).

This builders helps creating an Egg, the Chicken extensions.
It doesn't create a .setup file, that is still your task (an automatig .setup generation may be added in the future). This builder tars the sources. 
The good thing abouth this builder is that you can pass the generated file of a compilation and get the right sources packaged (even those included and not compiled directly!).
For more information, see the example.


Extension to Scons for building Chicken Scheme projects







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