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Extension to Scons for building Erlang projects
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SCons Erlang 0.1.0

Scons Erlang is an add on for SCons, a make/autotools replacement, to compile Erlang projects.

It is currently in it's early stages of development but it can already be useful. There's no documentation yet. If you want to use it first learn the basics of SCons at the `SCons User's Guide`_. Then, to learn how to use SCons Erlang itself take a look at these two project's source code (currently unreleased):

- `Serlvers <>`__
- `Fanterlastic Four <>`__

.. _`SCons User's Guide`:


You can find the lattest version of SCons Erlang on


Here I list what I use, but other versions, newer and older, may work. I am interested in knowing either case, working or not to try to fix them and/or list them:

- `Python <>`__ 2.4.2: Other 2.y.z versions are very likely to work. I am almost sure 1.y.z doesn't.
- `SCons <>`__ 0.96.1
- `Erlang/OTP <>`__ R10B-10


SCons is used to compile and install this package (the Python part is not compiled, but the Erlang part is).

First check out the variables you need to set by running::

  scons --help

You'll need to set:

- SCONSPREFIX: SCons prefix directory (where SCons is installed). Where you should see a directory named "SCons".
- ERLANGPREFIX: Erlang prefix directory (where Erlang is installed). Where you should see something like this: bin erts-5.4.13 Install lib misc releases usr.

and at the same time you set them, it'll compile.

Then run::
  scons install

to install. You might need sudo or su to reach superuser capabilities.

For example::

  $ scons SCONSPREFIX=/usr/lib/scons/ ERLANGPREFIX=/usr/lib/erlang
  scons: Reading SConscript files ...
  scons: done reading SConscript files.
  scons: Building targets ...
  erlc -o ./ erlangscanner.erl
  scons: done building targets.
  $ sudo scons install
  scons: Reading SConscript files ...
  scons: done reading SConscript files.
  scons: Building targets ...
  Install file: "" as "/usr/lib/scons/SCons/Tool/"
  Install file: "erlangscanner.beam" as "/usr/lib/erlang/lib/sconserlang-0.0.0/ebin/erlangscanner.beam"
  Install file: "" as "/usr/lib/erlang/lib/sconserlang-0.0.0/ebin/"
  scons: done building targets.

You can download the `development branch`_ that is updated to the minute. This version is unstable, it might not even work. To download it you have to use `Darcs <>`__ and run::

  darcs get

.. _`development branch`:


To contact the author go to
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