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Community contributed plugins and projects using Pupil
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This repository is a README only repository for community contributed projects, forks, plugins, scripts, and videos using Pupil - open source eye tracking platform.


Want to add your project, fork, plugin, or script to this list? Fork this repo and make a Pull Request with a link and short description in the README file.

Want to add your demo video to this list? Make an issue with the Youtube link and the maintainers will add the video to this Youtube playlist.

Projects & Forks

  • Plugin to Perceive the Object in Focus - Real-time object-detection plugin that integrates eye-tracking (fixation data) to identify which object the user is currently fixated upon. An example of its potential is shown in controlling grasps of a robotic prosthetic hand. Part of the Therabotics Project
  • PolyMouse - PolyMouse is a fusion of gaze tracking and head tracking to achieve hands-free pointing. It does this by using eye gaze to quickly determine an imprecise area of interest and then uses small head movements to refine the position of the cursor onto a small target.
  • Asistiva - a set of tools for creating amazing web apps optimized to be used through different input methods (i.e. including eye-tracking, head-tracking, button-less mouse, adapted switches, etc).
  • Focal - Focal is an experimental eye-tracking musical expression controller which allows hands-free control over audio effects and synthesis parameters during performance. A see-through head-mounted display projects virtual dials and switches into the visual field.
  • Graph viz eye tracker - Creating a gaze-aided graph navigating application using Unity3D and Pupil-lab.
  • Optical Dimension Spatial Thinking - ODST - Gaze controlled interface using gaze data and voice recognition.
  • PuRe Detector - Included the PuRe Detector from Santini et al. into the Pupil Labs GUI. It is a 2D only detector (for now) and can only be used in non-commercial applications. Thiago Santini, Wolfgang Fuhl, Enkelejda Kasneci, PuRe: Robust pupil detection for real-time pervasive eye tracking, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2018, ISSN 1077-3142, Based on
  • PupilCamC++ - Interface for capture of Pupil labs cameras with C++, primarily for windows
  • Pupil-lib Trial/Event Extraction Library - A flexible tool for conducting high precision event based research analysis with Pupil Labs eye trackers. See here for how to run an experiment that produces data compatible for this library. A Matlab version is also available.
  • Mobile Gaze Mapping - Automatic gaze mapping between world camera and a fixed reference stimulus. This tool provides automatic detection of a 2D target stimulus in a mobile eye-tracking recording, and translates recorded gaze data from the world camera to the fixed coordinate system of the stimulus itself.



Demo Videos

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