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@papr papr released this Sep 16, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

This is the initial release for Pupil Invisible Monitor, the stand alone desktop app to stream video and gaze data from your Pupil Invisible devices over local WiFi!

Device selection

On launch Pupil Invisible Monitor shows a gray background as well as all present Pupil Invisible devices as circular buttons at the bottom of the window. Each button will show the first two letters of the device name. You can change the device name in the system settings under the About phone section. Please restart your phone if you change the device name.

Start streaming

Click one of buttons to start streaming. If the connection was established correctly, the button turns green and the real-time video and gaze stream will be displayed. If there is a disconnect, the button will turn red. Pupil Invisible Monitor will try to reconnect to the device as soon as possible, and if successful change the button's color back to green.

Manual offset

You can apply a fixed offset to the streamed gaze data. Ask the wearer to fixate a specific location and click on it in the Pupil Invisible Monitor window. The offset between the gaze and the click location at time of the click will be applied to all gaze data. This offset is not persistent across application starts, and can be repeated by simply clicking again. You can reset the offset to zero by clicking the R button in the top right.

Please be aware that the offset is only applied to the visualization in Pupil Invisible Monitor and not to any of the data recorded on the device.

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