cython powered OpenGL gui that works with glfw
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Cython powered OpenGL gui.

  • Similar to AntTweakBar but truly python compatible. No need for ctyped variables.

  • Uses render-to-texture for ulta low cpu use when static.

  • Designed to be used with glfw but should run with other window managers as well.

  • Includes pyfontstash for rendering text.

  • Includes cygl to access GL functions (which in turn uses GLEW)

  • cygl and pyfontstash can also be installed separately but are hosted in this project for convenience.


Fork and clone to work locally.

git clone --recursive


  • install glew


sudo apt-get install libglew-dev


brew install glew
  • install pyglui
sudo pip3 install git+


Run command to build pyglui

sudo python3 install


  • pip install psutil (psutil is used in the demo to show cpu load)
  • cd /example
  • python3

Demo screenshot as of 2017-12-19