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chore: add typecheck command (#6140)

If you want to run TypeScript only to verify that it's typechecking correctly, this command is quicker as it doesn't output CJS and ESM to disk. Useful for checking during development.
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jackfranklin committed Jul 2, 2020
1 parent 6474edb commit 221d1728430b8678319d071cb468b1cd49b12b9c
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@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
"tsc": "npm run clean-lib && tsc --version && npm run tsc-cjs && npm run tsc-esm",
"tsc-cjs": "tsc -p . && cp src/protocol.d.ts lib/cjs",
"tsc-esm": "tsc --build tsconfig-esm.json && cp src/protocol.d.ts lib/esm",
"typecheck": "tsc -p . --noEmit",
"apply-next-version": "node utils/apply_next_version.js",
"update-protocol-d-ts": "node utils/protocol-types-generator update",
"compare-protocol-d-ts": "node utils/protocol-types-generator compare",

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