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@jackfranklin jackfranklin released this 02 Jul 13:33
· 1477 commits to main since this release

Breaking changes

Removal of page.emulateMedia (#6084)

This method was deprecated and is now removed from Puppeteer. Swap to page.emulateMediaType which behaves identically.

Removal of require('puppeteer/DeviceDescriptors') (#6043)

This top level file has been removed from the Puppeteer package. The same data is exposed via puppeteer.devices, so swap to that:

// before
const devices = require('puppeteer/DeviceDescriptors');

// after
const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');
const devices = puppeteer.devices

Removal of require('puppeteer/Errors') (#6043)

This top level file has been removed from the Puppeteer package. The same data is exposed via puppeteer.errors, so swap to that:

// before
const errors = require('puppeteer/Errors');

// after
const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');
const errors = puppeteer.errors

Behind the scenes

  • We've continued our drive to migrate to a new documentation system using TSDoc. These docs are available in the new-docs directory on GitHub. These aren't ready for use just yet but we're making great progress. You can track this work in #6118.

  • We've continued improving our TypeScript definitions. Our tests are now migrated to TypeScript (#5830) so that we're consuming our own API. Work continues to ship built-in type definitions in a future version. You can track this work in #6124.

  • We've started restructuring Puppeteer to work towards being able to better support an environment agnostic Puppeteer module. You can track this work in #6125.

Raw notes

85d8dbf - chore: mark v5.0.0
29f7e16 - chore(docs): reduce warnings when generating docs (#6138)
221d172 - chore: add typecheck command (#6140)
6474edb - feat(types): add types for $eval (#6135)
8370ec8 - feat(types): add (and fix) evaluateHandle types (#6130)
3c0dc45 - chore: update Windows skipped tests. (#6133)
9f19862 - chore(docs): mark JSHandle properties as internal (#6126)
8026ca9 - docs(api): fix overview diagram for (#6128)
9d79cc8 - chore: fix Firefox install checker (#6129)
1f5e333 - chore: Don't store revisions in package.json (#6109)
123c377 - docs(new): Add TSDoc to Coverage class (#6106)
3760302 - docs(api): fix broken links in (#6113)
adeffba - docs(new): migrate Page.ts to TSDoc (part 0 / 2) (#6104)
df96f16 - docs(new): migrate JSHandle docs to TSDoc (#6102)
1c0009d - chore(agnostic): ship CJS and ESM builds (#6095)
46fc6ca - feat(types): improve typing of .evaluate() (#6096)
a4d12a2 - chore: remove helper.promisify (#6100)
5b6d2bf - docs(new): add TSDoc comments to Keyboard (#6099)
4696f7a - docs(new): migrate HTTPResponse docs to TSDoc (#6085)
b993adb - chore(agnostic): Migrate DOMWorld (#6054)
c149034 - chore: remove hardcoded ?hl=en from docs (#6097)
48c5a8e - docs(new): add TSDoc comments to Puppeteer (#6032) (#6094)
f1f7339 - docs(new): add TSDoc comments to Puppeteer (#6032)
a46c78f - docs(new): Adds TSDoc to Tracing class (#6088)
60904da - docs(new): migrate FileChooser docs to TSDoc (#6092)
7855519 - chore: tidy up TODO from TS tests migration (#6090)
f481922 - docs(new): Adds TSDoc to Mouse class (#6086)
2ad42dc - docs(new): migrate Touchscreen docs to TSDoc (#6087)
73b9795 - docs(new): add TSDoc comments to BrowserFetcher (#6078)
37f6032 - feat(api): remove emulateMedia method (#6084)
1ee379c - chore: avoid disabling prettier (#6079)
381b0f8 - chore: declare toBeGolden to TypeScript (#6080)
70a900e - chore: fix ESLint violation and lessen rule strictness (#6081)
fdc6fda - docs: fix effect -> affect typos (#5985)
4659ee8 - docs(new): add TSDoc comments to BrowserContext (#6066)
ccae546 - docs(new): migrate Browser docs to TSDoc (#6070)
28797de - chore: migrate tests to TypeScript (#6075)
2090676 - docs: fix broken link to DeviceDescriptors.ts (#6076)
6657364 - docs(new): migrate ElementHandle to TSDoc (#6073)
7025f1c - docs(new): migrate Target to TSDoc (#6067)
819afbe - docs(new): migrate ConsoleMessage docs to TSDoc (#6065)
983a7b6 - docs(new): migrate CDPSession to TSDoc (#6064)
1cf3f06 - docs(new): migrate TimeoutError to TSDoc (#6062)
ace31d6 - chore: pin TSDoc related dependencies (#6063)
750f5ee - docs: fix broken link to USKeyboardLayout file (#6059)
e7b91a7 - chore: enforce a max line length on comments (#6055)
7978315 - docs(new): migrate SecurityDetails docs to TSDoc (#6053)
7a4170f - chore: remove top level errors and DeviceDescriptors (#6043)
5ff698e - chore: move index.js into src and TS-ify (#6049)
940a570 - chore: exclude api.ts from dependency graph (#6052)
759b280 - chore: upgrade to Mocha v8 (#5997)
9522f80 - chore: create common directory (#6042)
f6af7b8 - chore: fix dependency chart generation (#6039)
90b0934 - chore: create node directory for Node-only files (#6041)
ce34c0a - fix: page.goto options type should be optional (#6038)
44402b7 - feat(new-docs): add tsdoc comments to WebWorker (#6029)
64c9c70 - chore: add dependency chart generation as script (#6034)
547f4ea - chore: create new debug module (#6028)
56742eb - chore: bump version to v4.0.0-post (#6024)
e4de5f1 - chore: move assert into its own module (#6021)
f1ec6a3 - chore: update references to branch names (#6022)