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@mathiasbynens mathiasbynens released this
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Big changes

  • Chromium 81.0.4044.0 (r737027)
  • Puppeteer can now fetch a Firefox Nightly binary for you via PUPPETEER_PRODUCT=firefox npm install. Also, there’s now an example showing how to launch Firefox with Puppeteer.
  • File uploads are generally more reliable (#5363) and elementHandle.uploadFile(...filePaths) now triggers a change event, matching the old behavior in Puppeteer v1.20.0. (#5389)
  • Node.js v8.x.x is no longer supported. (#5136)

Behind the scenes

  • Puppeteer is migrating to TypeScript. Although this doesn't affect the way developers can consume Puppeteer, it improves the quality of the Puppeteer type definitions which can be used by modern editors.
  • Our custom test runner framework has been removed in favor of Mocha, reducing maintenance overhead.
  • Our CI setup and the way we deal with test flakiness is being reworked in order to increase our confidence of landing PRs without breaking anything.

Raw notes

6760b92 - chore: mark version v3.0.0 (#5642)
3387aab - feat(chromium): roll Chromium to r737027 (#5644)
c5df490 - docs(readme): update cross-browser FAQ (#5634)
35989a7 - fix: set revision based on PUPPETEER_PRODUCT (#5643)
d817ae5 - fix: update preferred revision after Launcher is created (#5640)
df81250 - chore: update ws library (#5638)
2529ee6 - chore(eslint): add eslint typescript linting (#5635)
88d843d - feat(TypeScript): move DeviceDescriptors to TS (#5595)
1ce4fe7 - chore(deps): update extract-zip to version 2 (#5610)
0bcc5a7 - chore: migrate remaining tests to Mocha (#5616)
17cd870 - chore: migrate unit tests to Mocha (#5600)
262da92 - chore(test): re-enable Firefox testing on CI (#5608)
83d9d53 - chore: update CI to run Travis + Linux + Chromium (#5583)
21c2d31 - docs(api): update another emulateMediaType example (#5607)
fefa8ca - docs(api): update emulateMediaType example (#5606)
bbdaf92 - docs(README): remove unused badges
efe561e - chore: fix DocLint method diffing (#5594)
841c2a5 - chore: fix emulateMedia tests (#5593)
8fa034b - chore: remove flakiness dashboard (#5592)
4ee2c43 - chore: fix Page.emulateMedia doclint failure (#5584)
a99a3cf - chore: skip failing cookie tests in Firefox (#5575)
88446df - chore: fix missed src/ vs lib/ documentation (#5591)
b3b0dc5 - docs: replace invalid device descriptors link (#5589)
99ecdba - docs: fix simple typo (#5585)
7f7887e - docs(puppeteer-firefox): add deprecation warning to README (#5502)
6522e4f - chore: Use expect for assertions (#5581)
4c41421 - chore: run Chromium on Node.js 12 on Travis (#5582)
f434684 - chore: fix link to source files in documentation (#5576)
2b52b86 - chore: remove travis-autodeploy (#5580)
7a2a41f - chore: move code to src/ and emit with TypeScript (#5568)
c82b556 - docs: connect works with any supported browser (#5572)
d678013 - chore: upgrade TypeScript to 3.8 (#5566)
3dff24a - chore: upgrade eslint to v6.8.0 (#5563)
4b0fd8b - chore: upgrade to TypeScript 3.7 (#5562)
29b626a - chore: upgrade TypeScript to 3.6 (#5559)
5e8d79b - chore: upgrade to TypeScript 3.5 (#5556)
b9240b1 - chore: bump rimraf to v3.0.2 (#5431)
067662c - Emit change event on uploadFile calls (#5389)
a3d1536 - Bugfix: Docker build failure (#5400)
33f1967 - (feat) Add option to fetch Firefox Nightly (#5467)
807fbbd - chore: drop Node.js v8 support (#5365)
0b1a9ce - chore: Replace Juggler with Firefox Nightly in CI (#5395)
0b1777e - docs(api) Fix url (#5367)
5ffcde2 - chore: bump version to v2.1.1.-post (#5390)
46386eb - chore: mark version v2.1.1 (#5388)
9923e56 - fix(filechooser): quick fix for the headful file chooser (#5369)
1a1ef83 - Add FAQ entry on cross-browser support (#5360)
0d243b7 - feat: make it possible to run install.js script with puppeteer-core (#5325)
c283fea - docs(api): add example to page.$$eval (#5200)