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Puppet Toy Chest

Archived / Unmaintained Repos. Would you like to adopt one?

Welcome to the Puppetlabs Toy Chest 👋

At Puppet, open source software is in our DNA. From the earliest days of Facter to the latest version of Bolt, we’ve always been firm believers in the power of open source. Part of the open source lifecycle is when a project is ready for a new maintainer. That is what the Puppetlabs Toy Chest is for.

Projects in this org have reached the end of their maintenance cycle at Puppet, but may still have a useful lifespan ahead of them under new maintainers. Some, like Razor were shipped as part of our commercial products. Some were prototypes that never really saw the light of day. Some were demos and some were examples that are now obsolete but still interesting.

But all of the repositories in this org are ready for you to adopt and breathe new life into. Learn how to adopt a project now! 🐾

🎪 Welcome to our Community

Adopting a project is only one of the many ways to participate in our community. Stop by and chat, ask questions, answer questions, or just share ideas.

Popular repositories

  1. razor-server razor-server Public archive

    Razor is next generation provisioning software that handles bare metal hardware and virtual server provisioning

    Ruby 514 168

  2. lumogon lumogon Public archive

    Get a complete picture of what your applications are made of *without* changing how you currently build and run containers. Just run and report.

    Go 198 15

  3. puppetlabs-aws puppetlabs-aws Public archive

    Puppet module for managing AWS resources to build out infrastructure

    Ruby 187 216

  4. wash wash Public archive

    Wide Area SHell: a cloud-native shell for bringing remote infrastructure to your terminal.

    Go 178 29

  5. puppet-in-docker puppet-in-docker Public archive

    Dockerfiles and build toolchain for Puppet software

    Ruby 144 105

  6. puppet-in-docker-examples puppet-in-docker-examples Public archive

    Examples to accompany the Puppet-in-Docker images

    Ruby 137 95


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