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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# this is rz_mk_control_server.rb
# it starts up a WEBrick server that can be used to control the Microkernel
# (commands to the Microkernel are invoked using Servlets running in the
# WEBrick instance)
require 'rubygems'
require 'net/http'
require 'cgi'
require 'json'
require 'webrick'
require 'razor_microkernel/rz_mk_configuration_manager'
require 'razor_microkernel/logging'
# include the WEBrick mixin (makes this into a WEBrick server instance)
include WEBrick
# next, define our actions (as servlets)...for now we have one (used to
# save the Microkernel Configuration)
class MKConfigServlet < HTTPServlet::AbstractServlet
def do_POST(req, res)
# get a reference to the Configuration Manager instance (a singleton)
config_manager = (RazorMicrokernel::RzMkConfigurationManager).instance
# get the Razor URI from the request body; it should be included in
# the body in the form of a string that looks something like the following:
# "razorURI=<razor_uri_val>"
# where the razor_uri_val is a CGI-escaped version of the URI used by the
# Razor server. The "Registration Path" (from the uri_map, above) is added
# to this Razor URI value in order to form the "registration_uri"
json_string = CGI.unescape(req.body)
logger.debug "in POST; configuration received...#{json_string}"
# Note: have to truncate the CGI escaped body to get rid of the trailing '='
# character (have no idea where this comes from, but it's part of the body in
# a "post_form" request)
config_map = JSON.parse(json_string[0..-2])
# create a new HTTP Response
config = WEBrick::Config::HTTP
resp =
# check to see if the configuration has changed
if config_manager.mk_config_has_changed?(config_map)
# if the configuration has changed, then save the new configuration and restart the
# Microkernel Controller (forces it to pick up the new configuration)
logger.level = config_manager.mk_log_level "Config changed, restart the controller..."
%x[sudo /usr/local/bin/rz_mk_controller.rb restart]
return_msg = 'New configuration saved, Microkernel Controller restarted'
resp.content_type = 'text/plain'
resp.content_length = return_msg.length
resp.body = return_msg
logger.debug "#{return_msg}..."
# otherwise, just log the fact that the configuration has not changed in the response
resp.content_type = 'application/json'
return_msg = 'Configuration unchanged; no update'
resp.content_length = return_msg.length
resp.body = JSON.generate({'json_received' => config_map,
'message' => return_msg }) "#{return_msg}..."
# set up a global variable that will be used in the RazorMicrokernel::Logging mixin
# to determine where to place the log messages from this script
RZ_MK_LOG_PATH = "/var/log/rz_mk_web_server.log"
# include the RazorMicrokernel::Logging mixin (which enables logging)
include RazorMicrokernel::Logging
# Now, create an HTTP Server instance (and Daemonize it)
s = => 2156, :Logger => logger, :ServerType => WEBrick::Daemon, :BindAddress => "")
# mount our servlets as directories under our HTTP server's URI
s.mount("/setMkConfig", MKConfigServlet)
# setup the server to shut down if the process is shut down
trap("INT"){ s.shutdown }
# and start out server