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Fix missing and gem.list files
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2 parents 895aefa + 45eebbc commit 0780551ea5ab88b6c3986901ba9df8ab8f682c6f tjmcs committed Dec 20, 2012
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@@ -256,11 +256,14 @@ cp -p configuration-agent/configuration.rb facter-agent/facteragent.rb \
# download the latest version of the gems in the 'gem.list' file into the
# appropriate directory to use in the build process (rather than including
# fixed versions of those gems as part of the Razor-Microkernel project)
-cp -p opt/boot*.sh tmp-build-dir/opt
+mkdir -p tmp-build-dir/opt
+cp -t tmp-build-dir/opt -p opt/boot*.sh
+chmod +rx tmp-build-dir/opt/boot*.sh
./bin/mirror-gem $GEM_SERVER_ARG -d tmp-build-dir/tmp/gem-mirror `cat opt/gems/gem.list`
# Add GemRC file to the ISO to use the mirror
+cp -p opt/gems/gem.list tmp-build-dir/tmp/gem-mirror/gems/gem.list
mkdir -p tmp-build-dir/root
cp rz_mk_gemrc.yaml tmp-build-dir/root/.gemrc

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