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Include more useful metadata in the ISO image

This updates the ISO image build to include some extra metadata:

 * set the Application ID
 * set the System ID to 'LINUX' to match other distros
 * set the Preparer ID to include useful information
 * set the Volume ID to include a meaningful, versioned name

This results in an ISO file that can be more easily classified without needing
to peek inside the box.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Pittman <>
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1 parent 19a11aa commit 38b6d3ac0a43e1a41e5dcd0fa219a292554b012a @slippycheeze slippycheeze committed Jan 8, 2013
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@@ -89,9 +89,21 @@ cp -p core.gz newiso/boot/
# build the YAML file needed for use in Razor, place it into the root of the
# ISO filesystem
./build_iso_yaml.rb newiso ${ISO_VERSION} boot/vmlinuz boot/core.gz
+# since this is multi-line, easier to build it here
+Puppet Labs <>
+Built on [$(uname -a)]
+Built at [$(date +'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')]
+Built by [$(whoami)@$(hostname -f)]
# finally, build the ISO itself from the newiso directory
-"${GENISO}" -quiet -l -J -R -V TC-custom \
- -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table \
- -b boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin \
- -c boot/isolinux/ \
+"${GENISO}" -quiet -l -J -R \
+ -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table \
+ -b boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin \
+ -c boot/isolinux/ \
+ -A 'Razor Microkernel' -sysid 'LINUX' \
+ -p "${preparer:0:128}" \
+ -V "Razor MK ${ISO_VERSION:0:22}" \
-o "${ISO_NAME}" newiso

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