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Fixes issue #57 (generated version numbers have wrong format); with t…

…he change in this commit the script constructs a shell that parses the git version numbers a bit differently so that auto-generated version numbers for the Microkernel ISO are more consistent with the version numbers that were used in numbering our Razor Microkernel ISOs previously (versions like "" instead of "v0.9.3.0").
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1 parent 76df43b commit 70e85b063b5d8f7f00e3556f08c807fb2c2674dc Tom McSweeney committed
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@@ -420,7 +420,7 @@ fi
unsquashfs -f -d tmp-build-dir tmp-build-dir/util-linux.tcz `cat additional-build-files/util-linux-exec.lst`
# determine, and store, the git derived ISO file version into the bundle
-gitversion="$(git describe --tags --dirty --always | sed -e 's@-@+@')"
+gitversion="$(git describe --tags --dirty --always | sed -e 's@-@+@' | sed -e 's/^v//')"
if test $? -gt 0; then
echo "unable to determine the build version with git!"
exit 1

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