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Added a quick change that restricts the installation of extensions so…

… that, by default, an extension is only installed if it is not yet installed. This avoids the overhead of re-installing extensions when the Microkernel Controller is restarted (extensions will still be re-installed on reboot, of course). This behavior can be overridden by an additional flag to the load_tcl_extensions method (in the Microkernel Controller), but this flag is not currently being used (it's there for future use if we decide we need it). This change will be made available in v0.8.2.0 of the Microkernel.
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Tom McSweeney
Tom McSweeney committed May 8, 2012
1 parent 75e9de5 commit 7c0f1bc1973d99b944622ff64f746fb51758ab51
Showing with 24 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +24 −6 rz_mk_control_server.rb
@@ -23,17 +23,27 @@
require 'razor_microkernel/rz_mk_fact_manager'
require 'razor_microkernel/rz_mk_configuration_manager'
def load_tcl_extensions(config_manager)
# this method is used to load a list of Tiny Core Linux extensions
# as the Microkernel Controller is starting up (or restarting).
# It loads the extensions listed in the YAML file at the tcl_ext_list_uri
# from the mirror at the tcl_ext_mirror_uri)
# @param [URI] tcl_ext_list_uri a URI that points to a YAML file containing
# the array of extensions that should be loaded (by name; eg. bash.tcz)
# @param [URI] tcl_ext_mirror_uri a URI that points to the location of a
# mirror containing the extensions to install
# @param [Object] force_reinstall a flag indicating whether or not existing
# extensions (those already installed) should be overwritten with new versions
# from the mirror (defaults to false, which skips the installation of any
# extensions that are already installed)
def load_tcl_extensions(tcl_ext_list_uri, tcl_ext_mirror_uri, force_reinstall = false)
# get the URI from the config that points to the YAML file containing
# the list of TCL extensions that we should load, if it doesn't exist,
# then just return (because we don't have any extensions to load)
tcl_ext_list_uri = config_manager.mk_ext_list_uri
return if !tcl_ext_list_uri || (tcl_ext_list_uri =~ URI::regexp).nil?
# and get the TCL mirror URI from the config, if it doesn't exist, then
# we just return (because we don't know where to get the extensions from)
tcl_ext_mirror_uri = config_manager.mk_ext_mirror_uri
return if !tcl_ext_mirror_uri || (tcl_ext_mirror_uri =~ URI::regexp).nil?
# modify the /opt/tcemirror file (so that it uses the mirror given in the
@@ -42,15 +52,23 @@ def load_tcl_extensions(config_manager)
file.puts tcl_ext_mirror_uri
# get a list of the Tiny Core Extensions that are already installed in the
# the system; will use this list to determine whether or not an extension
# should be loaded (we won't load an extension that is already installed)
installed_extensions = %x[tce-status -i].split("\n")
# get the list of 'TCL Extensions' that should be installed (these will)
# be obtained from a local 'mirror' containing the appropriate 'tcz' files)
# load the list of extensions to install from the URI
ext_list_array = YAML::load(open(tcl_ext_list_uri))
# each extension on that list, load that extension (using the tcl-load command)
# for each extension on that list, load that extension (using the
# 'tcl-load' command)
has_kernel_modules = false
ext_list_array.each { |extension|
# if it's in the list of installed extensions, then skip it
next if !force_reinstall && installed_extensions.include?(extension.gsub(/.tcz$/,''))
logger.debug "loading #{extension}"
t = %x[sudo -u tc tce-load -iw #{extension}]
has_kernel_modules = true if /open_vm_tools/.match(extension)
@@ -127,7 +145,7 @@ def load_tcl_extensions(config_manager)
exclude_pattern, fact_manager)
# and load the TCL extensions from the configuration file (if any exist)
load_tcl_extensions(config_manager.mk_ext_list_uri, config_manager.mk_ext_mirror_uri)

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