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Explain why a subset of util-linux is extracted

This adds a copy of the explanation from TJMCS about why only a
subset of the `util-linux` package is installed, as per #45, so that
the next engineer along doesn't wonder at that.
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1 parent c6e1407 commit cca920be3dc4e8e80ea75bafef739f95aa63fad1 @daniel-pittman daniel-pittman committed Jan 17, 2013
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@@ -431,6 +431,17 @@ fi
# get the latest util-linux.tcz, then extract the two executables that
# we need from that file (using the unsquashfs command)
+# TJMCS as per
+# The reason we're only pulling a couple of binaries out of this package
+# (rather than installing the entire util-linux TCE) is that we ran into
+# issues with Facter (if I remember correctly) when some of the utilities
+# contained in that package were installed. Rather than trying to get the
+# issues with Facter resolved for the busybox versions of some of these
+# commands (which are different from more standard Linux distributions), it
+# was felt that we should just install the bits that we need out of that
+# particular TCE...
if [ $RE_USE_PREV_DL = 'no' ] || [ ! -f tmp-build-dir/$file ]

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