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Razor is an advanced provisioning application which can deploy both bare-metal and virtual systems. It's aimed at solving the problem of how to bring new metal into a state where your existing DevOps/configuration management workflows can take it over.

Newly added machines in a Razor deployment will PXE-boot from a special Razor Microkernel image, then check in, provide Razor with inventory information, and wait for further instructions. Razor will consult user-created policy rules to choose which preconfigured model to apply to a new node, which will begin to follow the model's directions, giving feedback to Razor as it completes various steps. Models can include steps for handoff to a DevOps system or to any other system capable of controlling the node (such as a vCenter server taking possession of ESX systems).

This version of Razor is no longer under development

This version of Razor is no longer under development; a rewrite with the same basic capabilities is where you should instead look:

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