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The config slice is used to view the current configuration of the Razor server.

ProjectRazor Config:
        persist_mode: mongo 
        persist_port: 27017 
        persist_timeout: 10 
        admin_port: 8025 
        api_port: 8026 
        image_svc_port: 8027 
        mk_tce_mirror_port: 2157 
        mk_checkin_interval: 60 
        mk_checkin_skew: 5 
        mk_register_path: /razor/api/node/register 
        mk_checkin_path: /razor/api/node/checkin 
        mk_fact_excl_pattern: (^facter.*$)|(^id$)|(^kernel.*$)|(^memoryfree$)|(^operating.*$)|(^osfamily$)|(^path$)|(^ps$)|(^ruby.*$)|(^selinux$)|(^ssh.*$)|(^swap.*$)|(^timezone$)|(^uniqueid$)|(^uptime.*$)|(.*json_str$) 
        mk_log_level: Logger::ERROR 
        mk_tce_mirror_uri: http://localhost:2157/tinycorelinux 
        mk_tce_install_list_uri: http://localhost:2157/tinycorelinux/tce-install-list 
        mk_kmod_install_list_uri: http://localhost:2157/tinycorelinux/kmod-install-list 
        image_svc_path: /opt/Razor/image 
        register_timeout: 300 
        default_ipmi_power_state: off 
        default_ipmi_username: ipmi_user 
        default_ipmi_password: ipmi_password 
        daemon_min_cycle_time: 30 
        node_expire_timeout: 900 

If the configuration file does not exist, Razor will generate a default configuration during intial startup. The configuration settings are stored in the Razor installation directory: conf/razor_server.conf.


The Razor configuration slice reports on the following settings:

  • admin_port: razor admin management port.
  • api_port: razor slice RESTful api port.
  • daemon_min_cycle_time: the minimum cycle time for the razor daemon (in seconds).
  • default_ipmi_username: username for the node BMCs.
  • default_ipmi_password: password for the node BMCs.
  • default_ipmi_power_state: default power state for the node BMCs.
  • image_svc_host: razor image service IP address.
  • image_svc_port: razor image service port.
  • image_svc_path: local image service ISO storage path.
  • mk_uri: URI to use for microkernel checkin/register requests.
  • mk_checkin_path: path to use for microkernel checkin requests (appended to mk_uri, above).
  • mk_checkin_interval: microkernel checkin interval (in seconds).
  • mk_checkin_skew: maximum initial microkernel checkin splay time (in seconds).
  • mk_register_path: path to use for microkernel registration requests (appended to mk_uri, above).
  • mk_fact_excl_pattern: pattern defining facts that should not be excluded from all registration requests sent to the razor server.
  • mk_tce_mirror_uri: mirror to use when downloading microkernel extensions.
  • mk_tce_mirror_port: port to use when downloading microkernel extensions.
  • mk_tce_install_list_uri: URI for the list of microkernel extensions to install during boot process.
  • mk_kmod_install_list_uri: URI for the list of kernel modules to load during the boot process.
  • mk_log_level: microkernel log level.
  • node_expire_timeout: node expiration timeout (in seconds)
  • persist_host: database host.
  • persist_port: database port.
  • persist_mode: backend database (currently uses mongodb).
  • persist_timeout: database persistence timeout.
  • register_timeout: microkernel registration timeout.
  • rz_mk_boot_debug_level: microkernel debug level (for initial boot); defaults to the same value as the mk_log_level (above) if not specified.
  • force_mk_uuid: (currently unused?)

Setting the Razor Server Debug Level

To modify the debug level, set the environment variable RAZOR_LOG_LEVEL.


The log level value corresponds to the Ruby Logger class:

  • 0: Logger::DEBUG
  • 1: Logger::INFO
  • 2: Logger::WARN
  • 3: Logger::ERROR
  • 4: Logger::FATAL